Nami Burn-E Electric Scooter - 30ah

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Our Thoughts on the Nami Burn-E 30ah Electric Scooter:

The Nami Burn-e is the perfect scooter for all seasons. The IP55 water resistant rating allows for more usage in those harsher winter months. The Burn-e is the ultimate off-road experience. This scooter is so good that Electric Scooter Insider awarded it Ultra Scooter of The Year 2020/21. A very prestigious accolade indeed when you consider all of the other top end e-scooters on the market that it was up against. The NAMI Burn-e has racked up hundreds of thousands of miles from riders across the globe and the verdict remains that it’s top of the class. Explore a new way of riding on two wheels with the NAMI (New Age Mobility Innovation) Burn-e electric scooter. Michael Sha and his team have put years of research and development into the NAMI brand and are dedicated to producing electric transport that pushes the boundaries of technology.

The large, clear display has a ton of new smart features. These include 5 rider including the ability to customise a ride mode to suit your style. The two speed controller settings are independent which allows the rider to adjust the acceleration power of the front and rear motor individually. What e-scooter is complete without cruise control for those long rides and it even boasts a built-in overheating protection system. 

As well as all these cool features as well as many more the display even has an IP65 Rating! Light up the sky! The Burn-e escooter boasts a 2000 lumen front LED light which is fixed at handlebar height, side LED strips integrated with turn signals and horn which are either side of the deck. These all come with a comforting IP55 rating for peace of mind, A new patented lock taper folding system makes lowering the steering column seamless. A support base plus quick release system, allows it to be easier than ever to fold and unfold the electric scooter and all machined in type 304 stainless steel.

Nami Burn-E Spec:

  • Top speed Up To 44mph (72kmh)
  • Max Range Up To 150km - 93 Miles (60kg load, 25 degrees of ambient temperature Based on the flat road 30km/h constant speed driving)
  • Standard Charge Time 6-7h with incl. 5A charger, 3h with 2 opt. fast charger
  • Front LED Light Side LED Strip Integrated with Turn Signal
  • Digital Display- Smart display with riding mode setting ability

Nami Burn-E  E-scooter Technical information:

  • Scooter Weight 47kg 
  • 1000W x2 with hall sensor 
  • Front and Rear Nutt/Logan full hydraulic brake with 160mm rotor and cooling fin pad
  • Battery 72V 30ah 
  • Tyres 11' Tubeless
  • Max Load 120kg

Range tested under the conditions that power is sufficient, with a manufacturer aproved load, at 30°C, 70% humidity, level 3 wind speed, correct tyre pressure, on a level road, in the most economic mode below 15km/h uniform velocity. Actual results may vary based on differences in temperature, load, wind speed, road conditions and other factors.

Users should also be expected to do light maintenance from time to time, as you would with a bicycle, car or any other vehicle.

This scooter is not designed for jumps, stunts or tricks.