Service & Repair

We are now offering repair & service for a number of models.

  • Xiaomi
  • Kaabo
  • Dualtron
  • Inokim
  • ... And others

With a wealth of experience our technicians are able to diagnose and fix a wide range of common issues & faults. Whether that's punctures though to more complicated electric work. We stock a large number of parts for most models in our repair centre in Gloucestershire. 

Please completed the below enquiry form, including the following, and we will be able to provide an estimate on the cost, and time frame.


  • Model of scooter
  • Description of the issues 
  • Age of the scooter
  • Place of purchase 


The scooter will need to be with us for the repair work. You can either drop it off, send it to us or we can arrange collection via our couriers.