Electric Scooter Safety & Usage Information

Use and Enjoy Your Electric Scooter in Safety

At Electra-Zoom, we want to encourage safe, hassle-free and responsible use of scootering. It’s all much the same as riding a bike – common sense advice.


  • The electric scooters themselves should be perfectly safe – but obviously we can’t comment on the users. Like any form of transport, it requires a responsible attitude
  • When you first receive the e-scooter, we advise you to familiarise yourself with the machine and its controls and find a safe open environment to get used to riding it
  • We recommend wearing appropriate clothing, including a lightweight helmet, avoid hitting obstructions, potholes or kerbs as this will damage the scooter as well as causing injury
  • Any personal items are best carried in a backpack
  • A lightweight cycle helmet is also recommended
  • Make sure you familiarise yourself with your Electra Zoom E-Scooter, its operation and controls before first using it
  • For your first ride, find a safe, hard, dry, open area to get comfortable with the balance, steering, acceleration and braking
  • Always be considerate to other people, they may not hear you coming. See and be seen
  • Take great care of your Electric Scooter and it should last many years
  • Keep the battery fully charged, wipe it clean regularly, avoid extreme conditions that may harmful to the electrics, and neglect or damage, as misuse could shorten its life and invalidate the warranty
  • And always keep it safe from theft when not in use – we recommend using a security lock


Where can I ride it?

  • E-Scooters can be ridden and enjoyed in a wide variety of places. However at this moment in time they not legal to ride on the road or pavement in the U.K. Specific legislation varies from country to country but for more information please Click Here


Happy scootering – it’s the future of ‘green’ personal transport.