Electric Scooter Returns & Warranty

Electra Zoom Electric Scooter Returns & Warranty Information

Returns policy: 

If you have received a faulty product please let us know straight away by info@electrazoom.co.uk please attach any photos of the fault on the email. Please ensure you do not ride the scooter, once ridden we are unable to replace the item if required. 

If you decide to change your mind then you have up to 14 days from the moment you receive the goods to inform us, the product must be unused. You will be responsible for the return of the electric scooter back to our UK warehouse. Please note we may charge a restocking fee if the product is damaged.  


If your electric scooter develops a manufacturing fault through normal use (as outlined in the manufacturer’s manual) within 30-days of receiving the product, then please email us at info@electrazoom.co.uk, quoting your order number, attaching a photo of the electric scooter and the fault details. We will arrange for it to be returned to us for repairs before returning the electric scooter to you.


We provide a full 2 year UK warranty for our Xiaomi electric scooter & 1 year for Inokim & Segway/Ninebot and other models purchased through us. Unlike other sellers, your scooter does not need to be sent back to China for repair and we will perform all repairs in the UK.

We hold most of the spare parts in the UK and we have an extensive experience in repairing Xiaomi products and hold stock here in the UK. If we are required to order anything from further afield we will make you aware.

You can easily replace some smaller parts at home, saving you the hassle of sending your scooter away. We can run you through this if you unsure.

Our warranty cover includes:

  • Warranty for the battery
  • Warranty on vehicle body outside of the ares covered below 
  • Warranty for other electronics that are not outlines below

Please note that we only provide a warranty service if your scooter develops a fault through normal use (as per manufacturers manual). If the scooter has been altered in any way or miss used, this included the firmware, or has water damaged then the warranty is void. 

We are not liable for any repairs which includes tyre punctures, disc brakes, kick-stand, lights, reflective stickers, cable damage or any other consumables which would wear out/occur within normal use of the scooter. Our warranty does not cover any issue relating to official or 3rd party smartphone applications in association to the scooters as these are developed and controlled solely by the developer. 

Punctures are Not covered by warranty. If we receive a scooter back for repair or return with a puncture there is a £25 installation charge, plus the cost of the tyre for that particular scooter.

The installation of Solid Tyres on the Xiaomi, Inokim or other modes with air-filled tyres as standard will void any warranty held with us. Although the solid tyres may seem like a good idea, after extensive testing we have found they can cause issues, and associated damage to the scooter in the long run.

We advise you keep the original box incase it needs to be used in the future. If a replacement box is required there is a £25 charge for this.

If you are retuning the product back to us for any reason we strongly advice you take some photos of the scooter from all angles and email them over to us before you send the scooter. Without these photos Electra-Zoom Limited, or the courier cannot be deemed liable for any damage to the product.

If an exchange is made in which we send out a new scooter we will require the original one back. Failure to send this will void any warranty with the new product until the original is returned. 

Like with any type of vehicle, customer should expect and be responsible to do some minor maintenance time to time.

Please see our ‘Safety & User Guide’ page for more details on riding and usage.