Ex-Showroom Xiaomi Handle Bars

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We have a number of genuine Xiaomi Electric Scooter Handle Bars for sale starting at £29.99. All are Ex-Showroom and have various parts still included such as Brake-Levers, Grips, Bells, Headlight and Throttle etc. 

Perfect for someone needing to replace major parts of their Scooter or using as a build project. 

Please note, Every Handle Bar has different parts included and not necessarily complete. please refer to each handle bar number for more details. The Handle Bars will not come with integral parts unless otherwise stated. It is important to choose the exact Handle Bar replacement you require.  

Prices and Styles my vary, depending on choice. These are ex-Showroom parts so do have the odd mark or Scratch. We will do our best to reflect this within the photos.

We can also put together a parts package included with your Handle Bar depending on your needs with the associated parts cost. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or for more details on each setup.

Sold as seen from the Photo. 

Handle Bar 1


Bell, Grips

Handle Bar 2


Bell, Grips, Brake lever, Light, Throttle

Handle Bar 3


Bell, Grips, Brake lever, Light, Throttle

Handle Bar 4


Bell, Grips, Brake lever, Display (M365), Cover, Throttle, Light   (This Handle Bar is a full set-up for a M365 and so has the 4 LED light display and will plug in and run straight away to the equivalent Scooter body setup)