Ducati Rigid Helmet

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The Urban rigid helmet by Ducati is suitable for use with e-scooters and e-bikes alike.

Its exclusive ABS+EPS composition assures compactness and resilience in the event of collision, while simultaneously ensuring maximum lightness and strength.

The Rigid Helmet is made of CE-standard material construction with TUV certification. 

The front has been designed with a sufficiently large primary slit to ventilate both the forehead and temple areas. This opening channels the air so that it passes through the entire shell before exiting via the rear ventilation slit. This mechanism confers optimal breathability to help maintain a constant body temperature.

Ventilation slits positioned strategically across the entire surface provide optimal comfort and render this helmet an essential accessory for all users. The innovative magnetic closure has been designed for one-hand operation, making the helmet easier to use.

The head circumference adjustment system allows you to quickly change the helmet’s fit; the ring at the back enables the size to be increased from a minimum of 58 to a maximum of 62 cm. The height, on the other hand, can be adjusted using the strap positioned on the lower part.

The internal padding in red breathable material is fully detachable to allow easy removal and cleaning. It assures greater wearing comfort by ensuring that the air introduced via the ventilation slits can circulate more freely.