Xiaomi E-Scooter Smart Phone App - Electra Zoom E-scooters UK

Electric Scooter Smart Phone App – iPhone and Android

You can get the most out of your electric scooter by connecting it to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Some of features of the app:


- Nice dashboard layout with all the information you need during a ride

- Detailed battery information

- Log and display graphs of scooter metrics

- Track your rides and revise your journey of a map with visualised e-scooter metrics

- Customise battery range estimation

- Customise speed factor for different tire sizes or better speed precision

- Dark/White Theme option

- Customise colour scheme

- Custom milometer

- Electric Scooter Notification in the status bar with remaining percentage and range

- Set KERS Mode

- Set your personalised electric scooter name

- Set cruise control

- Lock and unlock the e-scooter

and many more features...