Apollo Phantom V2 (Mechanical Brake Version)

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Apollo Phantom features a completely proprietary build made from aerospace-grade aluminium, giving it strength, without the bulk. The stem features double reinforcements for improved stability, while the handlebar is made of a single piece of metal. These seemingly small changes in design, result in dramatic leaps quality-wise. When you purchase the Phantom, you are purchasing 18 months of research, development, and testing. 

The Apollo Phantom is powered by two high-efficiency brushless motors with nominal output of 1200W each. With a peak output of 1600W, the Phantom has a total of 3200W of maximum instantaneous power. Powered by two 25 amp controllers, the Phantom offers the best acceleration in the Apollo line-up.

The Phantom features a completely proprietary suspension design called the Quadruple Suspension System. Featuring four springs, instead of two, it dramatically improves shock dampening capabilities while offering dynamic travel. 

In addition, the Phantom comes with two ultra-wide hybrid tires for improved grip and control. Measuring 10 inches in height and 3.25 inches in width, the wide tyres are the perfect choice for hybrid riding between street and trail. Being a pneumatic tyre, they offer additional shock-absorption capabilities, further adding comfort to the ride.

One of the most anticipated features on the Apollo Phantom is the proprietary HEX display. Being the largest electric scooter display on the market, it is packed with features such as a speedometer, range estimator, and riding mode selector. The Phantom is also programmed with 20 adjustable settings to personalise your riding experience.

Forget complicated and unreliable folding mechanisms, and welcome to how scooters should be - simple, reliable, and intuitive. The Phantom also features security features such as a key-lock ignition and a designated locking spot in the hollow part of the neck. These small details make a huge difference, when leaving your scooter locked outside during errands. 

Apollo Phantom V2 Electric Scooter Spec:

  • Top Speed Up To 15mph (25kmh) Restricted Or Up To 38mph (62kmh) Non-Restricted
  • Max Range Up To 40 Miles (Eco Mode) Up To 25 Miles (Max Power)
  • Fully Charged In 9 hrs
  • Front 1000-Lumen Headlights, Indicators & Brake Lights   
  • Normal & Eco Riding Modes

Apollo Phantom V2 Electric Scooter Technical  information:

  • Battery:  52V 23.4aH
  • Motor: 2x 1200w (52v)
  • Suspension:  Quadruple Spring
  • Brakes: Dual mechanical with 160mm Discs
  • Tyres: 10' Pneumatic 
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Max Load 136kg