Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro Electric Scooter Parts Now Available

Since our launch in the summer of 2019 our business has grown steadily each month. As a result, we have thankfully been able to grow a loyal brand following that has engaged amazingly with us, helping us to reach an even larger audience.

Part of developing a strong brand requires listening to your audience and giving them more of what they are looking for.

In this case we were hearing more and more that our customers were struggling to find reliable places to source spares or replacement parts for their Xiaomi M365 or M365 Pro Electric Scooters. So to remedy this we reached out to our suppliers and were able to source nearly every spare or replacement part for the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter range that our customers might need.

It has taken a few weeks of organisation but we are proud to say that our Xiaomi M365 or M365 Pro Electric Scooter Spare & Replacement Parts Section is now live on the Electra-Zoom website.

You can now order spare parts covering everything from the data cables connecting the dashboard to the battery, to the stem connecting the handlebars to the main body of the Xiaomi scooter itself.

We have even been able to get our hands on a few additional accessories like the incredibly handy stem hooks. These allow you to attach a small holdall or shopping bag to the hook, therefore leaving your hands free to control the scooter itself. We even have stem bags which are ideal for storing small items whilst you are out and about on your adventures.

Some of the more popular electric scooter replacement parts are items like the M365 charging port rubber covers. This is the sort of spare part that gets worn out easily due to normal everyday use.

Then we have managed to source larger spare parts like the main underside cover for the M365 Pro, which can be damaged when the scooter has been driven over high kerb stones or roots that stick up on country pathways.

Certain parts can be easily broken when misused like the rear mud guards. They can be easily stood on by accident and broken under the pressure.

We have even been able to source the replacement brake discs for the both the standard Xiaomi M365 and the larger M365 Pro models should yours become warped.

Another replacement part that we hear a lot of requests for are the brake levers which can easily be damaged if the scooter is dropped.

So we welcome you to have a look through our extensive range of spare or replacement parts for the Xiaomi M365 Standard Electric Scooter or the Xiaomi M365 Pro.

And of course, let us know if you have any questions prior to purchase, to ensure you are getting the right part for your needs.

You can access our Xiaomi M365 Spare Parts Section here.

Happy Scooting.