What are the main differences between the Xiaomi M365 and the M365 Pro Electric Scooters?

What are the main differences between the Xiaomi M365 and the M365 Pro Electric Scooters?

A question we get asked all the time is; what are the main differences between the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter and the M365 Pro version. So we thought it would be a good idea to cover it off here on our blog.

Where do we start? The first main difference is quite obviously the price. The standard M365 e-scooter is currently £330 whilst the M365 Pro is a little more expensive at £475. Both come with a full 2 year UK warranty (so no sending it overseas for repairs) and free next business day delivery to a UK mainland address.  So what does the increased price get you? (Prices correct at time of publication)

M365 Standard and M365 Pro Electric Scooter Differences in Dimensions

The Xiaomi M365 Pro e-scooter is taller and longer than its slightly smaller sibling the standard M365. The stem is 40mm taller than the standard version and the deck that you stand on is 50mm longer which gives you slightly more room to move around on when you’re enjoying the longer journeys. Those stats may not sound like much but they really are noticeable when you have a go, especially if you are relatively tall. The frame thickness is also larger in diameter with the Xiaomi M365 Pro version making it a touch stronger.

What are the Differences in Power between the M365 Pro and the Standard Version?

Both models deliver 15.5mph however the M365 Pro version comes with a larger motor and a bigger battery. The M365 Pro actually comes with a 300w motor whilst the standard version features a 250w motor. Both work very well with a 75/80kg person riding them although the standard version may struggle a little when negotiating steep hills or with riders heavier than 80kgs. This is when the pro version comes into its own.

The battery is also larger on the Pro version boasting a sizeable 474wh with the standard version utilising a 280wh unit. The differences being that the Pro version has an increased range delivering 28 miles (45km) and takes 7.5 hours from empty to a full charge against the standard version’s 18 miles (30km) and a 5.5 hours charge time. Either way both can do fairly long journeys without an issue.

What are differences in Display and Ride Modes between the Xiaomi M365 and Pro Versions?

The display which nestles neatly on the handle bars directly above the stem are markedly different. The Standard model only has four LEDs indicating remaining battery life and a power button. The power button can be clicked multiple times to change between ride modes and to turn the headlamp on and off.

The Pro version has a more detailed display showing the speed you are travelling as well as the remaining power. The power button works in a similar way to the standard version by controlling ride modes power and headlights dependent on the number of times it is pressed.

The standard M365 electric scooter has two modes, eco-mode and normal. Eco mode reduces the maximum speed from 15.5mph to 11mph which in turn increases the range the scooter will travel as well.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro e-scooter has three modes which are, Eco-mode which reaches 10mph, Drive-mode which reaches 12mph and Sports-mode which tops out at 15.5mph.

Both models use the kinetic recovery (regenerative braking) system which uses the brakes or freewheeling power to put power back in to the battery to extend the journey distance.

What else is new on the Xiaomi e-scooters?

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Rear Wheel ImageThe standard M365 has air-filled tyres proving a smooth and comfortable ride, however they are susceptible to punctures in the same way a car or bicycle is. The Pro benefits from foam lined tyres therefore removing the chance of getting a frustrating puncture.

Other neat features include; larger disc brake improving stopping power. Magnetised charging port cover, longer and redesigned folding mechanism leaver for improved access and a redesigned bell.

Ultimately we believe both models are fantastic in their own way although if you weigh more than 75/80kgs then you will notice the difference of the larger power unit if you are using the Pro version, especially on steeper inclines.

If you have any unanswered questions then feel free to get in touch with here at Electrazoom Electric Scooters and we will be happy to help answer them as best as we can.