Unagi Model One E500 Electric Scooter Review

In this instalment we are looking at one of the classiest electric scooters you will find available today. It’s the Unagi Model One E500 Electric Scooter, affectionately labelled the Tesla of e-scooters. Read more about it below.

Innovation has been at the forefront of the minimalistic design of the Unagi Model One electric scooter. Our earlier reference to it being the Tesla of electric scooters is not that far off the mark, as it has been constructed using the same materials as Elon Musk’s Space X rockets, making it very light yet extremely durable.

Unagi Model One Portability

The Model One actually weights a mere 12kgs, making it extremely portable. Considering that it features dual 250W motors (giving a total of 500W - hence the name E500) situated with one in each wheel and a ridiculously strong frame amongst other features, that’s a fairly impressive total weight.

The folding mechanism has been designed particularly well. Unagi claim that it features the world’s first one click folding scooter. When you want to fold the scooter up or down you simply push the slider at the base of the steerer tube and lift or lower the handlebars accordingly.

The steerer tube then just floats above the deck, locked in place, ready to be carried. The steerer tube also narrows towards the middle, making it easier to maintain a grip on. Compare this to the Xiaomi or Segway competitors that have a wider tube, making it uncomfortable if you need to carry it for more than a minute or so.   

Why is the Unagi One E500 Electric Scooter so Light?

As touched up on above, the Unagi E500 is constructed using some fairly cutting edge materials. The handlebars are made from a magnesium alloy and the steerer tube is made using carbon fibre. The deck is constructed using machined aluminium making it one of the strongest framed scooters about.

Unagi E500 E-scooter Ride Quality

The ride quality of this awesome looking scooter is somewhat limited due to fact it has no suspension. It also features solid 7.5 inch tyres which again do not lend themselves to the smoothest of rides. Solid tyres guarantee that you won’t be suffering from punctures during your ride but you will feel the lumps and bumps in the road when the surface is particularly uneven.

Unagi E-scooter Dashboard Features

On the minimalistic and slick dashboard/cockpit area you will find left hand and right hand thumb paddles. The left activates the electric braking system which brings you to quite an abrupt halt, and the right hand paddle activates the accelerator which pulls you smoothly up to its top speed of 15 mph.

Above each paddle there is a button which performs a number of functions.  The left hand button activates the horn if you do a long press. The right hand button above the accelerator, when double clicked, allows you to switch between the three riding modes (beginner, intermediate and advanced). A single click allows you to view your current trip and total mileage on the display screen.

The power button also has a number of functions. Besides switching the scooter on and off, you can double press it to activate single or dual motor functionality. A single click will turn the front light on and off dependent on your needs.

The Unagi Model One electric scooter also features a rear red light which is always on when in use and flashes under braking.

The dash does a pretty good job displaying all required information including speed, distance travelled, battery status, light status, motor mode and ride mode.

This futuristic electric scooter does not come with an accompanying app like many other scooter manufacturers which can be a bit disappointing and also therefore doesn’t have a cruise mode function, which is usually accessed by using an app like with the Xiaomi range.

Unagi Electric Scooter Capabilities

The Unagi E500 accelerates nicely up to the 15mph max speed when in advanced mode with dual motors activated. It also pushes confidently up inclines of up to 15%. It handles well provided you avoid particularly rough terrain and the dual electronic brakes bring you to a firm stop with ease.

All in all we found the Unagi to be a fantastically well-made bit of kit using the highest specification materials and featuring a simply stunning design. It comes in a choice of four beautiful finishes to choose from and with its easy portability it ticks a lot of boxes. It’s what you might call head turner!

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