The Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter Review – Is it a Hurricane or a Storm in a Tea Cup?

In our latest blog we are taking a look at a newbie to Electra-Zoom, the Dualtron Storm. We ask the big questions like; is it more a hurricane or a storm in a tea cup?

So, where to start? Well, we can clear up one thing… it’s no storm in a tea cup!

Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter Handling

The Dualtron Storm is a thing of engineering beauty and delivers great stability. Due to the fact it is a heavy weight in the scooter world (we’ll cover this in more detail later,) it is well planted and delivers great handling.

The stem is absolutely solid so it feels responsive when you are steering, even at fairly high speeds. The tyres are now 11 inches in diameter and glide over most obstacles with ease. They are also extremely wide which aids in the handling and provides huge amounts of grip.

The Storm’s suspension also helps to support in the handling aspect. It is set relatively stiff so it doesn’t sag when leaning into a fast corner. As a side note, the suspension can be adjusted by purchasing differing shocks. The manufacturer claims you can choose from a 45-step adjustable rubber suspension set up, offering 5 different cartridges in 9 different positions!

The deck is also wider than on other models allowing the rider to achieve a more comfortable riding position and increases the ability to handle this monster of a scooter better.

The Dualtron Storm E-Scooter Deck Set-Up

We felt it was worth looking a little more into the new deck set-up on this extremely fast electric scooter.

As touched upon above, the deck is wider than on other models, it is now 1 cm wider than the Thunder. It also has a foot rest protruding out above the rear wheel which allows you to get better purchase when hitting the accelerator. You’ll realise why it’s needed when you have a go yourself!

Whilst we are looking at the deck it is worth noting that the new deck is thicker, meaning that the rider is higher off the floor, but it does mean that the stem is actually shorter than in previous models. On the deck at the front you’ll notice that the charging ports are now on the top. This is because the Storm now features a detachable battery so, if you’re serious about riding this a lot then you can have a spare on charge ready to plug in and go

Dualtron Storm Braking System

The brakes on this powerhouse are 160mm full hydraulic disk brakes, and when you have an electric scooter that will do well in excess of 60mph, you’ll need every bit of stopping power you can get to help you control this beast, especially with the momentum you’ll be carrying with the 46kgs of scooter weight and up to 150kgs of rider weight.

Dualtron Storm Range and Battery

The range on this high-end electric scooter is impressive. The manufacturers claim that it has a maximum range of up to 80 miles when fully charged and with a rider weight of maximum 75kgs.

The battery itself is a high quality LG Lithium-Ion 72V 31.5Ah 2268 Wh and as mentioned above removable, which saves you from having to lug the entire scooter to the nearest plug socket each time to charge it between rides.

Dualtron Storm Dashboard and Lighting

To be fair, not a lot has changed in this regard. It still maintains the EY3 Display, stem lighting, dual headlights and tail light but this one does have left and right indicators.

Dualtron Storm Top Speed and Motor

The speed of this fast electric scooter is impressive. It has a top speed to 62mph and a large amount of torque to get you to that top speed in mere seconds. This speed is delivered by the 6640 Dual Motors. This is also the reason that the previously mentioned foot rest is so necessary, to keep you well planted when you take off on this monster!

Just as a side note, this electric scooter features an industry first in that the wheels that house those huge motors are ‘Quick Disconnect,’ meaning that you can completely remove them in order to perform maintenance.

The last thing to cover is the weight as this is a heavy weight electric scooter in the grand scheme of things. The frame is machined aircraft grade aluminium however, with everything included it weights a hefty 46kgs so the portability is not great. It’s definitely not ideal for taking up and down stairs or putting in and out of a vehicle.

Our Summary of the Dualtron Storm

This scooter puts a huge smile on our faces. It looks awe inspiring and the speed and acceleration is just short of mind blowing. It handles amazingly for a 46kg monster, feeling responsive and extremely well balanced. The one very slight draw back we could find is the 21 hour battery charge time. However being removable soon made up for that meaning that we don’t have to get it near the closest charging point in order to plug it back in ready for the next ride.

Head on over to our Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter product page for the remaining specifications, and to check-out the latest deals.