Our Best Range of Electric Scooters to Date – Part 2

In our last blog we covered two scooters featured in our latest line up being the stylish Unagi and the brutally impressive Wolf Warrior 11 by Kaabo. In this instalment we are looking at versatility and economy so let’s start with versatility and that in our opinion would be the InMotion L9 Electric Scooter.

InMotion L9 Electric Scooter

In our opinion the L9 is labelled under the most versatile category due to its all-round ability. This scooter is slightly bigger in dimension than the industry leading Xiaomi scooters making it feel more planted and stable when ridden. However, it also comes with a bunch of features that just make it stand out from the crowd that little bit more.

One of the biggest standalone features is the water resistance levels. This electric scooter has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IP55 meaning that it has strong dust protection levels and also strong liquid protection levels. This means that it will handle the UKs weather better than most of the other electric scooters that you will find in the UK markets.

The next standout benefit to the InMotion L9 Electric Scooter is the speed and range. The L9 will do nearly 20 mph, and not only that, it has a range of 30 miles in Sport Mode and a massive 59 miles in Eco Mode. You won’t find yourself pushing it home with that sort of range at your disposal.

Another standout feature of the InMotion L9 Electric Scooter is the suspension. This model comes with a front and rear suspension system that takes the majority of the road’s bumps in its stride. When you add that to the 10 inch air filled tyres you get one smooth ride, which you’ll need if you’re on it for the full 50+ miles it can do.

The last cool feature we are looking at is the indicating system. The scooter intuitively knows when you are leaning left or right and does the indicating for you which we think is pretty cool.

So that’s the versatility scooter part of our range covered; now it’s down to economy. For this we have chosen one of the Zinc range of electric scooters, the Zinc Eco.

Zinc Eco Electric Scooter

The Zinc Eco is the perfect entry level electric scooter for the younger age’s groups or just nervous beginners. It is by far one of the lightest scooters we have here at Electra-Zoom and it’s also one of the most cost effective.

The Zinc Eco Electric Scooter weighs in at just 9.1kgs and is fully foldable, so if it’s a short flat commute to the office you are looking then this is the one for you.

The Zinc Eco comes with solid tyres so although the ride isn’t the smoothest you’ll find, you won’t be hampered by punctures when out and about. It also comes with a small suspension system at the front which helps to add to the ride quality where the solid tyres take away.

This lightweight electric scooter has 24V Lithium –Ion Battery that has a charge time of just 4 hours, and it has a maximum range of 8 miles so you will need to keep your eye on the LCD dash where you will find your battery levels displayed alongside your speed and ride mode.

The 200W motor in the Zinc Eco Electric Scooter will accelerate up to the same as the Xiaomi scooter, that being 15 mph so although it won’t complete with the Kaabos or Dualtrons it is still not to be sniffed at.

We think that for the budget the Zinc Eco Electric Scooter is a great beginner’s option for not a lot of money.

Again, if you want to see a more detailed description then head on over to our Zinc Eco Electric Scooter product page and check out the latest deals.