Mantis Eco 8 Electric Scooter Review

In this blog we are looking at something new to Kaabo and new to us here at Electra-Zoom. It’s the Kaabo Mantis 8 Eco electric scooter, a nimble but punchy relative of the original Mantis models. So let’s dive straight in.

The new Mantis 8 Eco Electric Scooter is a nippy little scooter that will accelerate from 0 to 25mph (40kmh) in just a few seconds. This acceleration is delivered by the updated 800W single motor that is strong enough to propel riders weighing up to 120kgs. It’s not the arm wrenching experience we found with the Mantis Pro but it’s enough to put a big smile on your face.

The motor is powered by the 48V 18.2Ah battery which gives just the right balance of power and weight. Although it is strong enough to deliver on the required power, it is light enough not to weigh the scooter down. In fact, the motor on this nippy electric scooter is powerful enough to tackle inclines of 30% when required.

The brakes on the Mantis 8 Eco electric scooter are fantastic. They are EABS disk brakes, meaning that not only do they feature an anti-lock braking system but they also harvest some of the energy used in the action of braking and restore that harvested energy back to the battery, slightly extending the range you’ll get. This is sometimes referred to as KERS or Kinetic Energy Recovery System, just like that used in the modern Formula 1 race cars.

The scooter itself only weighs 23kgs so considering the tech that’s packed into this superbly engineered scooter it’s pretty good from a portability perspective. We found it fairly easy to get it in and out of a car boot and up a flight of stairs. This is due to it being constructed using high quality, aircraft grade 6061 – T6 alloy and 6082 – T6 aluminium forging.

When you take in to consideration the motor power, battery power & weight you’ll understand how Kaabo have managed to get the Mantis 8 Eco electric scooter to have a range of 31 miles (50 kilometres.) This is more than enough to allow you to explore your surroundings safe in the knowledge that you won’t be pushing or carrying your scooter all the way back to your house after running out of battery too soon.

Once you run the battery of the new Mantis 8 Eco completely flat, it will take a little over 9 hours to recharge it back to full again. This worked well for us when testing as we plugged it into charge just before bedtime, and it was ready to go again the following morning.

This scooter gives you an extremely comfortable ride with its dual suspension and 8 inch pneumatic tyres. The suspension copes well with bumpy tracks and small kerbs. It also responds well when cornering, even at its top speed.

Kaabo have designed this electric scooter with two rider modes to choose from. It has normal and (as the name suggests) an Eco Mode. Obviously the range reduces from the maximum 50 km if you have it in normal mode and your ride is at full speed up loads of steep hills.

The dashboard on the Mantis 8 Eco is well designed, utilising the LT01 smart display. It shows you speed, battery levels, voltage, range and modes. All that and it’s a colour screen as well.

One last thing about the Mantis 8 Eco dash is that it even has a USB port so you can charge your phone whilst you are out and about on a ride.

Kaabo Mantis 8 Eco Electric Scooter Summary

We love this scooter for a number of reasons. It’s nippy and responsive, whilst still being light enough to carry upstairs and in and out of the car boot when needed. It’s a great all-rounder and provides a lot of fun for the price.

Head on over to our Kaabo Mantis 8 Eco Electric Scooter product page for more details, and to check out the latest deals.