John the London Based Legal Facilities Director and his Xiaomi M365 Pro

Over the last few months we have been speaking to our customers looking to get a better understanding of how and why they use an electric scooter. So in our latest blog we are looking at John’s story and why he loves his Xiaomi M365 Pro so much.

John is a career focused professional who has been working his way up the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) ladder since he was 18. He had, for the most part, been based in Guildford, Surrey. His commute consisted of driving 5 miles each way to work most days, except for those where he was due to travel overseas, when he would then take a taxi to save him from leaving his car in the work car park for a week at a time.

Now aged 29, John was lucky enough to be one of the youngest in the company to have been promoted to Director in the legal facilities division of a sizeable firm where the head office is based near Canary Wharf in London.

Although he mentioned he was incredibly excited for the opportunity, he said he had issues trying to find somewhere suitable to live that would give him reasonable transport routes to his new workplace. There were a few suitable flats fairly close to the right tube station but they were too expensive for John, even with his new wage increase.

He knew he would have to get rid of his pride and joy, his car but he also knew that he wouldn’t be able to use it in London anyway. So John had resigned himself to using public transport along with the other hundreds of thousands of daily commuters. That was until he spoke to one his best friends. His friend told him that he had just bought an electric scooter to get himself back and forth to work every day.

John Googled electric scooters and was quite surprised at the variety of scooters available, although it didn’t take him long to realise he liked the look of the Xiaomi M365 standard scooter in black.

As we understand it he is planning to get together with a few more electric scooter enthusiasts for a group ride in the not too distant future.


He said that he almost bought it straight away but then he saw the slightly more powerful M365 Pro, with its larger battery and increased range, and realised that because he was well over 6 foot tall and 95kgs (14.9st) the standard M365 would struggle with his size.

John then started shopping around for the best price and came across the ElectraZoom website where he found the cheapest M365 Pro electric scooter in the UK. He said that he was happy with the 2 year UK based warranty and felt more comfortable as we are a UK based company that he could pick up the phone and talk to us if there were any issues.  

We spoke to John 3 months after he received his e-scooter and found out that he has used it nearly every day since buying it. Although he primarily bought it for the commute to work, he said that even during the evenings and weekends he uses his M365 Pro for heading to mates houses, getting to the tube stations for longer trips and food shopping. He even uses it to go on day trips around London.

At work he just folds it up and puts his behind his desk out of the way. At the supermarkets he pushes it around with the basket sat on the deck.

John explained to us that he hated being bunched up on the tube and although on some occasions he has to use public transport, whenever possible he scoots the entire way. We understand that he hasn’t tested the full 28 mile range yet but has completed many 20 mile plus trips.

As we understand it he is planning to get together with a few more electric scooter enthusiasts for a group ride in the not too distant future.

We plan on keeping in touch with John (if he’ll let us) to see how he has been getting on and perhaps get a few photos of him on his M365 Pro in action.

If you would like to feature in one of our customer blogs then we would love to hear from you so that we can find out how your electric scooter has improved your life.

Happy Scooting!