Kaabo Wolf X Pro Electric Scooter Reviewed

Our latest blog digs a little deeper into another fairly new addition to the Electra-Zoom stables and that’s the Kaabo Wolf X Pro, another beast from the Kaabo Wolf bloodline. It’s certainly not a disappointment in any way shape or form!

The basic stats look great from the off. The Warrior Pro X still boasts a 40+ mph top speed, and the maximum range is also a very impressive 60+ miles on a single charge. However, there are a few differences, and the primary one that you’ll notice when you see it is the size. This fast electric scooter is distinctly smaller than its bigger brother the Wolf Warrior 11 (WW11). The size difference means that the weight has been reduced and the performance is, simply put, exhilarating!

Kaabo Wolf X Pro Electric Scooter Specifications

This impressive scooter weighs 34kgs, which is 9kgs less than the WW11 yet Kaabo have still managed to install dual 1100W Motors which, as briefly touched upon above, propels this electric scooter up to a whopping 43mph. The range of the Wolf X Pro allows for 62 miles (100km) of travel on a single charge. It has a maximum suggested load of 120kgs and will accelerate comfortably up inclines of up to 35 degrees carrying that load.

Dimension wise this scooter is a lot shorter than the WW11 as well, which means that it is far more portable. This scooter will fit a lot easier in to car boots. The bigger WW11 when folded is a sizable 150cm in length due to the pivot point at which it folds actually making it longer than when unfolded, whereas the Wolf X Pro is 121cm even when folded. This is because Kaabo have changed the pivot point for the stem so it is on the stem itself instead of the front of the foot board.   

Wolf X Pro Look and Feel

This high performance electric scooter still maintains the aggressive looks that we expect from the Wolf range of scooters. It still uses the dual motocross style stem and handlebars, although the wheels are an inch smaller at 10 inch as opposed to the 11 inch ones on the Warrior 11 however, this is barely noticeable on or off road.

It also has a wide deck on which to stand making it easy to find the best riding position for your style or needs. The dashboard is also the same as you’ll find on the WW11. It has the Minimotors Ey3 giving you all the key information you need at a glance.

The suspension is as high in quality as all previous models, using hydraulic shock suspension at the front and responsive spring suspension at the rear with anti-lock, hydraulic brakes on both front and rear wheels.

The horn included on this impressive bit of kit is motor cycle grade so you will be heard without fail from a good distance away. The lights are as equally as bright as the WW11 as well meaning that you will be able to see the trails with a good field of vision in even the darkest of conditions.

Kaabo Wolf X Pro Electric Scooter Summary

This is yet another highly impressive scooter that Kaabo can be proud of that clearly carries the Wolf bloodline. It’s obviously smaller and very slightly slower than the ridiculous Wolf Warrior 11 with an impressive range. The handling is spot on - both responsive and capable on or off road.

We can highly recommend this scooter if you are looking for something with high spec’ that is also relatively portable.

If you would like to read more detailed specifications for the Kaabo Wolf X Pro Electric scooter then please head on over to our product pages for the latest deals.