Kaabo Mantis Pro Electric Scooter – The fastest Electric Scooter Under 30kgs

In this blog we are looking in more detail at the fastest and in our opinion, simply one of the best scooters available that still weighs less than 30kgs. The Kaabo Mantis Pro Electric Scooter strikes the perfect balance between power, weight, range and of course, price.

So where do we start with the Kaabo Mantis Pro – Speed of Course!

The Mantis Pro is quite simply thrilling! Whilst it’s not the fastest electric scooter, especially when sitting it next to the Dualtron Ultra or the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, but at 40 mph it has more than enough speed to put a smile on your face whilst still keeping the weight and budget down.

The two 1000 watt motors power you from 0 to 15 mph in around just over 2 seconds, dependant on the riders weight, and it will continue to push you consistently up to 40 mph in around 10 seconds. This sort of acceleration will surprise and delight most users and for the price point there aren’t many other electric scooters out there that will compete with it.

Kaabo Mantis Pro Range

Those two 1000 watt motors are powered by a 1470 watt hour LG battery and will continue to power you along for up to 55 kilometres. This includes inclines and rough terrain but of course as with all things scooter related, is dependent on the rider’s weight. The battery takes 8 hours when charging from completely flat, so provided you don’t run the battery completely flat on every ride it will usually take between 5 to 7 hours to fully recharge. 

Kaabo Mantis Pro Portability

As touched upon above, the Mantis Pro weighs in at a touch under 30kgs, which is not what we would describe as light but it’s certainly more manageable than the afore mentioned Dualtron or Wolf Warrior 11. At under 30kgs you will be able to lift the Mantis Pro in and out of a vehicle with a lot less hassle.

Its folded position means that it doesn’t take up any more room than when in the upright position, so again it fits into the boot of a car without too much hassle.

The folding mechanism is simple to use and very sturdy when locked in place so you won’t feel worried about anything untoward like speed wobbles happening when you are thrashing along.

Mantis Pro Ride Quality

The suspension on this beast of an electric scooter is very good indeed. It features dual spring shocks which can cope with most terrains with ease and the rounded profile of the tyres alongside the suspension make cornering a thrill. You feel very well grounded and in control at all times. It feels smooth on rough terrains and can cope with most of the bumps and potholes you’ll encounter in an urban environment. It even tackles the off road scene easily and comfortably, although it is not water resistant so avoid the mud and puddles!

When you take all the above and combine it with the well-designed cockpit featuring the EYE3 display, trigger throttle and single or dual motor options, you will have an electric scooter that you’ll be struggling to find reasons not to get out and ride it!

Head on over to our Kaabo Mantis Pro Electric Scooter product page for the latest prices and colour options.