How to tell the difference between a real and a fake Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter?

In our latest blog we are taking a brief look into a question we get asked all the time, are the Xiaomi M365 electric scooters that Electrazoom sell genuine or fake? So we investigate how to tell the difference between a real and a fake Xiaomi M365.

To open, it is worth mentioning that there is a difference between a fake Xiaomi M365 and another brand’s copy. Other brands have understandably jumped onto the very popular bandwagon that is the electric scooter market, and they have produced versions that are very similar, hence the term copy, or 1:1, but ultimately have their weaknesses.

How to spot a Xiaomi M365 copy

Most of the time each brand will have a different colour scheme, always a different logo, and other clear variations such as brake lever shapes and handle bar accessories such as the bell. These ‘copies’ as they are labelled, do however have positives in their own rights. Often they will still work as described including a warranty of some description. The main issues are that they tend not to perform to as high a standard. Copies tend not to have quite as much range due to a lesser battery quality and they don’t go as fast due to lower powered motors. The last issue is that the manufacturing process is not to the high standard that the originating Xiaomi brand upholds.

How to spot a Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter fake

Other rather unscrupulous people or companies have produced specific Xiaomi M365 fakes. They have been designed with the attempt to look the same, with the same colours, shape and size. Unfortunately, these can be quite dangerous, especially the Li-ion (lithium Ion) batteries. Luckily there are always ways you can tell when you are dealing with a complete fake.

Granted it isn’t easy when you are on the spot and it is near impossible when you are looking online. This is because you can’t pull the scooter apart and inspect the motherboard and battery unit but something you can check for is firstly the price. If the company is selling them for a price that is too good to be true then it probably is!

When looking for physical indicators of a fake then look for the location and format of the serial number on the side of the battery housing located below the deck board. Having said that even serial number stickers, with effort can be faked. What you can also do is check that serial number on the Xiaomi website under their ‘electric scooter product authentication’ section by using the following link.

The next thing you can check for is by comparing a picture of a Xiaomi M365 from a legitimate retailer such as ourselves and then comparing the rear brake set up of the suspected fake version. Authentic Xiaomi M365 electric Scooter rear brake set upFake manufacturers save money by scrimping on using the same set ups and end up having minor colour, style and size variations.

It's always worth checking where your scooter is coming from, and if it’s a legitimate company. Check to see if your product is being shipped from inside the UK. If not then it maybe coming from a source elsewhere in the world, most likely China. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the product isn’t genuine, you could be hit with import duty & VAT to pay when it arrives in the UK of roughly 30%. In addition to the long and drawn out delivery time.

Another one of the ways you can verify a fake is only possible once you have your hands on the escooter and that is by attempting to connect it to the official Mi Home App. Only official Xiaomi electric scooters will connect to the official app. Although by then it is usually too late and your best option at that stage is to try and see if you can return it. Just make sure you have used PayPal or a credit card company that you can contact and hopefully get your money back.

How to ensure you have bought an authentic Xiaomi M365

All that being said there is one fool proof and absolute way you can be sure you have not bought a fake and that is to buy it from Electrazoom Electric Scooters. We can prove the authenticity of our Xiaomi stock and we will bend over backwards to provide full support to you with your electric scooter. What’s more, we supply all of our stock with a full 2 year UK warranty so it’s a double win for you.