Electric Scooter Accessories for your Xiaomi M365 or M365 Pro

In this blog we take a look at a few of the accessories you can get for your Xiaomi M365 or M365 Pro electric scooter. Many of these accessories will fit most brands of electric scooter but not all however, we can absolutely confirm that they will work with the Xiaomi scooter range.

Electric scooters are already a lot of fun but with a few small additions you can make them even more practical, which in turn makes them even more fun than they were to start with.

Xiaomi M365 Phone Holder

The main accessory that will make a huge difference to your scooting activities is the phone holder. The electric scooter phone holder allows you to have your mobile phone attached firmly to the handle bars of your Xiaomi M365 which lets you easily see the app whilst it’s in use.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Phone Holder

This will let you see the current speed, average speed and many other features that are simply not available on the scooter dash itself.

Another cool thing you can do with your phone holder is to angle it to the appropriate angle and start to video your journey. You can then make cool recordings of your escapade’s to watch back after your journey.

Electric Scooter Bottle Holder

The next accessory we highly recommend is the electric scooter bottle holder or cup holder. Of course you could just pop your drink bottle in a rucksack and sling it on your back but it is much more convenient to have it right there attached to the stem of your electric scooter ready for when you need a quick refreshment. 

Electric scooter bottle holder or cup holder

The bottle holder also comfortably holds coffee cups as well. We don’t recommend using it with a standard cardboard coffee cup for the obvious reason that they don’t seal, meaning that most of the coffee will more than likely end up all down your leg, or even worse, all over your beloved scooter. When you have spent nearly £300 or potentially far more on an electric scooter we doubt you will want to be washing sticky liquid off of it on a regular basis.

Xiaomi M365 or M365 Pro Dashboard Protector

Our next suggested accessory is the Xiaomi M365 Dashboard Protector. It is a dust proof, splash proof silicon cover that slips neatly over the dashboard of both the standard M365 and M365 Pro models. It will protect your dashboard from light rain and dusty conditions. Ideally you wouldn’t be riding it in the rain but this is the UK and we quite often get caught out by the weather.

Xiaomi M365 Dashboard Protector Cover or Dust Cover

It comes off as easily as it goes on so you can always remove the Xiaomi Electric Scooter Dashboard Protector as and when you want. It will prolong the length and condition of your dashboard so always worth having especially due to the fact that it costs less than a tenner.

Electric Scooter Security Lock

The last of the accessories we are looking at in this blog is the electric scooter security lock. Electric scooters are an easy target for thieves, and the Xiaomi M365 and its bigger sibling, the M365 Pro, are hugely desirable objects. So to keep yours as safe as you can you will want a decent lock.

The lock that we stock here at Electra-Zoom is the 5 Digit Combination Security Lock. You can personalise the number to ensure only you know it and can remember it easily. It also means that you don’t have to add yet more keys to your key ring.

You can store the security lock around the stem whilst you are riding and then use it to secure your scooter whilst in a shop or café.

Here at Electra-Zoom we are always looking at bringing in useful and exciting new accessories for our customers so check back for future additions to our range of electric scooter accessories.

Happy Scooting.