Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter in More Detail

Continuing the theme running throughout our recent blogs we are digging a little deeper into our electric scooter range. In this edition we are looking at the awesome Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter in more detail.

To provide a small amount of background, Dualtron is owned by the South Korean electric vehicle specialist Minimotors. Minimotors was started back in 1999 and they have been honing their craft ever since, however it was in 2015 that after years of development they launched Dualtron, the world’s first dual motor, all-wheel drive and all terrain e-scooter. Dualtron have just kept getting better and better ever since.

Now onto the Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter itself.

The Dualtron Mini is actually one of the latest electric scooters that Dualtron has introduced. Launched earlier this year (2020) it was developed to account for the gaps in the range that needed covering by Dualtron.

The Dualtron Mini is the only scooter in the Dualtron range that has a single motor, although that shouldn’t concern you in any way because the motor they have used packs quite a punch.

The motor itself is a 1,450W BLDC hub motor which will comfortably propel riders up to 32mph (51km/h) according to the manufacturer, and can push up inclines of 37% or 20 degrees dependent on the rider’s weight and battery charge levels. That in itself is more than enough power for the majority of users.

To stop the scooter Dualtron have fitted a rear drum brake with ABS standard, which provides plenty of stopping power.

The Dualtron Mini weighs 22 kgs (48 lbs) which isn’t too bad considering the power and strength it wields. If you compare that to a Xiaomi Pro 2 which weighs 14.2 kgs, you understand better the difference in real terms.

This fast electric scooter’s strength comes from the materials used in its construction. The frame is aviation-grade 6082-T6 aluminium alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel, and the remainder is a durable, hardwearing plastic. It is black from top to bottom, apart from the Dualtron branding.

The Dualtron Mini has strong mountain bike style handlebars which accommodate the index finger throttle/accelerator, the EYE throttle LCD instrument panel and the brake lever which is placed on the left hand side. It also comes with ergonomic handlebar grips making longer journey that bit more comfortable.

This all-terrain electric scooter has high ground clearance and dual-spring suspension. It also comes with all terrain tyres which give you great traction both on and off road. Thankfully it comes with both front and rear mud guards to ensure any dirt or surface spray is well contained keeping you clean and dry.

The deck you stand on is wide but shorter than on other Dualtron Models so you will have plenty of space to find a comfortable ride position.

One of the coolest features, although it has no bearing on performance, are the LED strips that run along the deck and up the stem. They can perform quite a spectacular multi-coloured display. Put it this way, people will see you coming from a long way off.

Dualtron Mini All-Terrain Electric Scooter Summary

All in all we have found this fast electric scooter to be a fantastic all-rounder. It’s a tough and very capable electric scooter that can handle the tarmac and off road environments with ease. It has a good top speed and delivers a comfortable ride.

For the money you won’t find many other e-scooters that deliver on so much without compromising on quality.

Click here to head on over to the Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter product page and order yours today.