Archie the HGV Lorry Driver and His Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

In our latest blog we are looking into one of our customer’s stories whilst he works on tirelessly through these troubling, pandemic filled times. Archie is a lorry driver based in the Midlands and he told us about how his Xiaomi M365 electric scooter helps to make his life that little bit easier.

Archie is a 38 year old who got in touch with us to tell us his story about how buying an electric scooter has impacted his life after he read one of our blogs earlier on in the year.

Archie has been a lorry driver most of his adult life. He started out as a driver’s mate back in the late nineties but after a short while he soon realised he loved being out on the open road.  A couple of years later he went on to complete his driver training and obtained the relevant licenses to drive the bigger HGV’s we see travelling up and down the major UK motorways.

After working for a few independent haulage firms he gained a job with a large national distribution company based out of the Midlands. This was exactly what Archie had been hoping for. He would drive to the distribution centre which was about 5 miles from his front door and then he would hop into a big rig and drive all the way up to Scotland delivering vital supplies.

The first of the two biggest issues Archie had was the journey to and from the distribution centre. The 5 mile journey greatly depended on the traffic he encountered. On a good day he could make it to or from the depot in twenty minutes. However, on a bad day it could take anywhere up to an hour, sometimes more.

It wasn’t just the time but also the running costs of the car.

His second biggest issue was the long walk from the staff room area at the depot to his particular loading bay. The distribution centre is huge and it could take a good 20 to 25 minutes at a fast walking pace.

Archie had looked into getting a bike to solve his commuting issue but with little in the way of room at his flat, storing it at home was a problem. He had also tried walking along the canal paths which was quicker than a bad day in the car, but it still wasn’t ideal.

After a late night finish one evening he went home and spent a while skimming through Facebook where he randomly saw an advert for Electra-Zoom. He went through to the website and then had a look at the range on offer. Archie figured he could use the scooter to resolve both of his work issues. He could ride it to work along the before mentioned canal paths and also use it to get back and forth from the staff room to the loading bays.

The added bonus was that he could fold it up and stick it in the storage compartment of his HGV when he is on the road and store it very easily at home as well.

Archie purchased the Xiaomi M365 standard electric scooter, as he didn’t have many hills to tackle on his commute so he didn’t need the additional power he would have got with the M365 Pro version. He is extremely happy with his choice and has since purchased the dashboard protector and phone holder to bling up his Xiaomi a tiny bit.