Kaabo Mantis 10 Lite Electric Scooter

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Available in Red, Black, Blue & Silver

Our Thoughts on the Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter: 

The Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter is a great addition to our range here at Electra-Zoom, and is built for the more experienced rider. It boasts powerful acceleration, easy-to-manoeuvre handling and is light weight for an electric scooter with this amount of power.
As its name suggests, the Kaabo Mantis Lite is a very portable and lightweight electric scooter at just over 22kg.
Offering amazing performance, the Mantis Lite e-scooter can take on 30% inclines with ease thanks to its 800w powerful brushless motor.
The suspension comes in the form of a front and rear advanced swing arm that delivers a smooth ride on any terrain. 
Complete with display/throttle combination and cruise control, this electric scooter is a dream to ride. It folds away easily and due to its weight can be carried with one hand.


The display/throttle combination allows configuration of speed limit, cruise control and regenerative braking strength. 

Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter Specs:

  • Top speed 30mph
  • Maximum range 34 Miles
  • Full charge time 6h
  • 800W (single motor)
  • Full rider settings
  • Front & back lights plus lateral strip light 

Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter technical information:

  • Front and rear brakes (Discs)
  • 10" wheel size
  • Normal & Eco riding modes
  • Digital disply screen
  • 48V 13 Ah
  • Product weight 23.6kg
  • Max Load 120kg
  • Folded (L,H,W)  1270x480x600mm
  • Unfolded (L,H,W)  1270x1230x600mm


Range and speed is dependant on riders weight, road surface, wind and other conditions. This scooter is not waterproof, please do not ride it in the rain or wet conditions.

Users should also be expected to do light maintenance from time to time, as you would with a bicycle, car or any other vehicle.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser/rider to ensure they are familiar with the escooter laws in their country.