Jeep 2XE Camou Electric Scooter

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Our Thoughts on the Jeep 2XE Camou Electric Scooter:

The Jeep® 2xe URBAN CAMOU is built to deliver uncompromising performance as you ride around the city prompted by the eagerness to explore and discover new streets that sets the Jeep® way of life apart. Full suspended and rugged, it is the electric scooter for those who want to take on all kinds of roads with ease.

Equipped with a powerful 500 W rear motor and a 48 V 9.6 Ah 461 Wh battery, the 2xe URBAN CAMOU offers up to 50 km  electric zero emissions range.

Enjoy a smarter ride with the connection to the Jeep® Urban e-Mobility User App.

The 500W motor (peak power 700W) and 48V 9.6Ah 461Wh battery ensures up to 50km of range. The 10” fat tubeless tyres are puncture proof and can easily take on any unevenness of the road.

Rugged Build
The frame is built in magnesium for increased lightness and resistance. The front and rear suspension cushions bumps on the road for a more comfortable and stable ride.

User App
Available on Google Play and App Store, the Jeep Urban e-Mobility App keeps you updated on the main performance of your vehicle and location, offering you real-time assistance via chat.

Jeep 2XE Camou Spec:

  • Top speed of 15mph (25kmh)
  • Up to 27 Miles (45km) Conditions apply
  • Charge Time Around 5hrs
  • Front Electric & Rear Disc Brake
  • Front & Rear LED Lights
  • Smart App connection
  • Muti Riding Modes
  • Digital Display Screen

Jeep 2XE Camou Technical information:

  • 19kg  Aluminium Frame
  • Motor Power 500W (Peak Power 700W)
  • Battery 48V, 9.6Ah, 461Wh
  • Unit Size (Open) 1195 x 473 x 1168mm
  • Unit Size (Folded) 1195 x 473 x 515mm
  • 10' Tubeless Front & Rear
  • Maximum Use weight 100g
  • Manufacturer recommended rider age 16 years+