Inokim Light 2 Max Electric Scooter

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Our Thoughts on the Inokim Light 2 Max Electric Scooter:

The INOKIM LIGHT 2 MAX is the updated model of the people’s favourites, the INOKIM LIGHT.

The INOKIM LIGHT 2 MAX has been upgraded with a powerful 350W motor and a dual drum breaking system but packed into the same beautiful design! With more power in its motor, the INOKIM LIGHT 2 MAX has even more force to tackle slopes and hills with more ease. The battery has also received an upgrade which is now water resistant.

The INOKIM Light 2 MAX perfectly combines portability and performance in an aesthetically designed package. Perfect for anyone who wants reliable and safe transportation in urban environments. Lightweight and easily foldable for loading into your vehicle or taking it on a bus and train. 

Designed for short to medium commutes at moderate speed, the 350W motor delivers a top speed of 22 mph. Small inclines can be tackled with ease. 

INOKIM puts your safety first. The INOKIM light 2 MAX has the highest quality materials, dual drum brakes, front and rear LED lighting as well as smooth and consistent acceleration to ensure you always have a safe riding experience. 

Inokim Light 2 Max Spec:

  • Top speed of 22mph (35kmh) 
  • Maximum Range Up To 18 Miles
  • Fully Charged Up To 7 Hours
  • Front & Rear Full Led Lights
  • Front & Rear Brakes
  • Multi Riding Modes
  • Digital Display Screen

Inokim Light 2 Max Technical information:

  • 14kg lightweight aluminium frame
  • Motor 350W
  • Battery  Water Resistant LG 36V 13.6Ah
  • Open L 108cm W 46cm H 105cm
  • Folded L 95  W 25 H 36
  • 8.5 Inch Pneumatic Tyres
  • Maximum User Weight 100kg
  • Manufacturer recommended rider age 16 years+

Range tested under the conditions that power is sufficient and under manufacturers guidelines.  Actual results may vary based on differences in temperature, load, wind speed, road conditions and other factors.

This scooter is not waterproof, please do not ride it in the rain or wet conditions.

Users should also be expected to do light maintenance from time to time, as you would with a bicycle, car or any other vehicle.

This scooter is not designed for jumps, stunts or tricks and should be used as intended.