Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter

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Our Thoughts on the INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter:

We are really excited to bring the INMOTION L9 to our range, as this Electric Scooter has a really impressive performance range. The L9 hits 30 miles in Sport mode and even a whopping 59 miles in Eco Mode! You won't have to worry about running out of power with the INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter.

Explore and commute in comfort on this electric scooter knowing you'll be able to return home with plenty of power. 

With tall, sturdy handle bars, wider footboard, wide 10 inch tyres and Front and back suspension you'll feel safe and secure during your journey.

This impressive E-Scooter also features indication technology that lights up the left and right sides automatically when turning. 

The L9 has a rear disc brake and EBS front brake so coming to a safe stop is never a problem.

Use the INMOTION App to plan your journey and record your riding data. You can also customise the lighting options through the app.

Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter Specs:

  • Top Speed Factory default setting: 20km/h (Up to 30Km/h after unlocked)
  • Range of 30 (Sport Mode), 59 miles Eco Mode
  • Three ride modes: ECO, Standard(D), Sport (S)
  • Charging Time Approx 7 hours and Approx 3.5 hours with dual-chargers
  • Headlight 2x 1.25W and Brake Light
  • Brake Type Electronic & Disc brake
  • Suspension Dual shock absorption system
  • LED display screen Bluetooth, Battery, Speed, Turning lights

Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter Technical information: 

  • Net Weight Approx. 24.0kg
  • Power Rating 500W
  • Battery Specifications 2600mAh, 675Wh Lithium Battery
  • Folded Size 1307*520*560 mm
  • Expanded Size 1307*520*1275mm
  • 10" wheels with wide tyres
  • 150kg Max rider weight
  • Manufacturer recommended rider age 16 years+


Range and speed is dependant on riders weight, road surface, wind and other conditions.

Users should also be expected to do light maintenance from time to time, as you would with a bicycle, car or any other vehicle.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser/rider to ensure they are familiar with the escooter laws in their country.