Ex-Showroom Inokim OZO E-Bike

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This is an Ex-Showroom Model 

Included are all relevant paperwork and Charger. The heavy Price reduction is due to the fact that this is an Ex-Showroom model however its almost perfect (as seen from photos, protective plastic still on mudguard) and performs just as expected. 

With all Ex-Showroom models, we do try include all original accessories where possible.  

All Ex-Showroom models are fully checked and come with a 90 day warranty 

Our Thoughts on the Inokim OZO E Bike:

INOKIM OZO E-Bike is the answer to wanting eco-friendly transport and the manoeuvrability of a eScooter. It allows you to overcome steep climbs and considerable distances, all in comfort due to the seated riding position. INOKIM OZO E-Bike is produced from light and durable Aluminium and equipped with a reliable 240W gear-less motor with a built-in easy removable Lithium-ion 36V, 10.5a/h battery. If and when the rider wants to pedal, it can become an ordinary bike for sports, leisurely rides or commutes and It only needs 6 hours to charge fully. 

The range using full-electric usage can reach 25 miles, and with pedal assistance, it can reach 37 miles. The top speed of the bike is 16 mph while The maximum load capacity of the bike is up to 220lbs. The bike uses dual mechanical hydraulic disc brakes that provide effective braking on any surface to ensure safer stopping distances. INOKIM OZO E-Bike has front and rear LED lights with an automatic switch on censor for darker conditions. 

The bike is fitted with thick 16-inch-tyres and along with the rear suspension, provides a very relaxing and comfortable ride. The LCD monitor has brightness adjustment and also backlit for night time riding that displays speed, battery charge, distance, mode and cruise control options. Its folding handlebars make portability easy too. 

This is a FUN and COMPACT way to get around. 

Inokim OZO Spec:

  • Top speed of 15mph (25kmh)
  • Max Range 25 Miles (40km) (From Motor Only)
  • Charge Time 6 Hours
  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Multi Riding Modes
  • LCD Display With Functions

Inokim OZO Technical information:

  • 22kg Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • Motor Power 240W
  • Battery   36V 10.5Ah
  • Bike Dimensions   137 x 59 x 101.5 cm
  • Tyres 16”/2-125 Pneumatic 
  • Max User Weight 100kg


Range tested under the conditions that power is sufficient, within the correct weight load, at 30°C, 70% humidity, level 3 wind speed, Correct tyre pressure, on a level road, in the most economic mode below 15km/h uniform velocity. Actual results may vary based on differences in temperature, load, wind speed, road conditions and other factors.

This E-Bike is not waterproof, please do not ride it in the rain or wet conditions.

Users should also be expected to do light maintenance from time to time, as you would with a bicycle, car or any other vehicle.

This E-Bike is not designed for jumps, stunts or tricks.