Decent X7 Electric Scooter

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Our Thoughts on the Decent X7 Electric Scooter: 

The Decent X7 is one of our favourite entry level electric scooters, packing a host of great stand out features. With larger 10 inch tyres as standard, the X7 is able to glide over the bumps and is much less susceptible to punctures.

A removable battery is a great touch located inside of the stem so you never need to worry about charge times or running out. Simply drop a spare in and you'll be back on your way in seconds. An additional extended battery can be added boosting the range up to 15 miles.


Decent X7 Electric Scooter Specs:

  • 5Ah replaceable battery (can upgrade to a 6.4Ah battery)
  • Great for offroad use with a ground clearance of 12cm
  • LCD Display to show speed and remaining battery
  • Built in cruise control 
  • Front LED’s for night riding


Decent X7 Electric Scooter Technical information:

  • 10 miles range with standard battery
  • 15 miles range with upgraded battery
  • Max speed 25kph 
  • 10 Inch tyres
  • Single 350W Motor
  • Max load of 150kg


Range and speed is dependant on riders weight, road surface, wind and other conditions. This scooter is not waterproof, please do not ride it in the rain or wet conditions.