Argento Active Bike Electric Scooter

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Our Thoughts On The Argento Active Bike Electric Scooter:


Active Bike is the innovative concept developed by Argento as the synthesis between the e-scooter's flexibility of use and the e-bike's stability.

 It’s big wheels (20'' front and 16'' rear) com-bined with the double disc brake guarantee driving fluidity and comfort, making Active Bike the perfect alternative mean of transportation, ideal not only for moving around the city, but also for longer journeys such as daily commutes.

Powering the scooter is a 350 W brushless motor, a solution that minimises maintenance and guarantees the power needed to travel on the bumpy road surfaces frequently found in town, with tram rails, potholes or cobblestones.

Big wheels for added comfort with a 20” front tyre and 16” rear tyre

Double brakes with a front and rear disc brakes for added safety and comfort


Argento Active Bike Electric Scooter Spec:

  • Top Speed of Up To 15mph
  • Range Of Up To 15 Miles
  • Front & Rear Disc Brakes
  • Front & Rear LED Lights
  • Integrated LCD Display

Argento Active Bike Electric Scooter Technical Information:

  • Motor: 350W Brushless
  • Battery:  36V, 10.4Ah, 375Wh
  • Charging Time: Up To 3/4 Hours
  • Tyres: 20' Front & 16' Rear
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Max Load: 100kg