Zinc Eco Max & Zinc Eco Plus Electric Scooters New to Electra-Zoom

Our latest blog looks at some of the new electric scooters we have in stock here at Electra-Zoom, the Zinc Eco Max & Zinc Eco Plus Electric Scooters.

We are always looking at new stock to fill our business unit with and in the last few weeks we have taken receipt of the Zinc branded scooter range. We did our research and found that Zinc is a firm favourite with UK electric scooter enthusiasts.

They are reliable and affordable, making them ideal for those wanting to get into electric scooters safely but without breaking the bank. They also look good as well which helps.

The Zinc Eco Plus Electric Scooter

The Eco Plus is fairly light weighing in at just 11kgs and can accommodate a max rider weight of up to 100kgs. It features a 250W motor which is housed in the rear wheel and is powered by a 36v lithium battery.

The battery only takes approximately 4 hours to charge from flat, and when fully charged can cover a range of 14km. The Zinc Eco Plus electric scooter reaches speeds of up to 25kmh (15.5mph) on its pneumatic wheels.

The built-in LCD dashboard displays your speed, the mode, and the battery level, so you have all the information you need when out and about.

This electric scooter also folds down neatly making it easy to store when not in use.

We love the Zinc Eco Plus electric scooter and we are confident you will too, especially with such a competitive price tag!

The next scooter we are looking at is the…

Zinc Eco Max Electric Scooter

The Eco Max is essentially the older sibling to the Eco Plus. It has many similarities such as the LCD display featuring speed, mode and battery level. It also has a maximum speed of 25kmh (15.5mph) powered by a 36v battery however, it also has some enhanced features compared to the Eco Plus.

The Zinc Eco Max electric scooter has a larger 300W motor so it can accommodate a larger maximum rider weight of 120kgs. It also has an increased range of up to 20km. It does weigh a little more than the Eco Plus weighing in at 15kgs.

The motor is housed in the front wheel rather than the rear and it comes with a very effective rear disc brake so stopping is not a problem.

It is worth mentioning that both models come with a front mudguard and a very sturdy rear mud guard so you won’t get mud or dirt sprayed up at you when you are on a ride.

The Zinc Eco Max also folds neatly down making storage easy when not in use.

A huge plus point with both models is that they come with a 2 year UK warranty for your peace of mind.

Head on over to our electric scooter product pages and order your Zinc Electric Scooter today.