The Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter Review in Detail

The Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter is a high spec’ electric scooter with an even more affordable price tag, in this blog we are looking at what makes it so good.

Kaabo are renowned for making high profile, hard as nails and even harder accelerating beasts like the Wolf Warrior 11 or the Mantis Pro, both of which have relatively high price tags. So, Kaabo obviously realised they needed something that appealed to those with a smaller budget but still wanted the fun and quality that comes with the Kaabo brand name, and that’s where the Mantis Lite comes in.

Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter Build Quality

The Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter, as expected, features a fantastic build quality. The strong metal frame houses a 48V 13Ah battery pack. The frame is bomb proof but smaller than that of the Mantis Pro or Wolf Warrior 11 in order to keep the weight down.

Weight is key with this electric scooter as keeping the weight down allows the motor to work efficiently and use the majority of the power in acceleration and speed. The Kaabo Mantis Lite is driven by an 800W brushless motor which delivers a lot of torque. This motor will propel its rider from 0 up to 30mph in mere seconds. Using the rear wheel drive it will even push its rider up inclines of up to 30%, which makes it great in the both the countryside and urban environments. 

Kaabo Mantis Lite Ride Quality

The ride quality is extremely comfortable and capable of delivering a nimble and well balanced ride no matter what the terrain. The dual advanced swing arm suspension will delight you whether you’re cornering on tarmac or flying down a dirt track, and the 10 inch pneumatic wheels hammer over lumps and bumps with ease.

Kaabo Mantis Lite E-Scooter Dashboard

The dashboard clearly displays speed, ride mode and battery levels, whilst the accelerator is a single finger lever which is easy to use and very responsive. You can also control the two bright LED front lights and the two rear LEDs. The brake levers are also very responsive applying solid pressure on the dual mechanical disc brakes bringing you to a controlled stop which is required when travelling at speeds of 30mph.

The folding mechanism on the Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter is, as described above as part of the frame construction description, bomb proof! You get no stem wobble at all making for a confident and comfortable experience.

The stem folds backwards and clips nicely to the rear fender. When you combine that with 23.6kg weight of this fast electric scooter then you get a powerful but portable bit of kit.

Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter Review Summary

In summary we think that for a sub thousand pound scooter you get a lot of bang for your hard earned buck. In three striking colours schemes you’ll be hard pressed to find a better electric scooter to invest your money in.

Head on over to our Kaabo Mantis Lite Electric Scooter product page for the latest pricing and deals.