Tanisha is Avoiding Covid-19 with the Help of her Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter

Our latest blog features one of our customers and how they have been avoiding the virus by using their Xiaomi M365 Pro instead of using the packed, and potentially virus ridden, public transport systems.

A few of months ago we started reaching out to our customer base asking if we could learn why they bought their electric scooters and what benefits it had afforded them. In this piece we are looking at a more recent customer. This is Tanisha’s story and how she has been using her new M365 Pro to stay safe in these uncertain times.

Tanisha is a care home nurse and has been travelling back and forth to her place of work for over 5 years now. She takes a 20 minute bus ride to the train station, then travels 5 stops to the closest station to her work and then does a 10 minute walk to her nursing home.

All in all, with the usual waiting around and travel time itself it takes her about 1 hour 15 minutes on a good day. However, on a bad day it can take up to 2 hours each way.

Tanisha had been considering getting some form of simple but affordable transport for a while now. She had looked into a cheap car but in North London the parking was a nightmare so that idea went out of the window pretty quickly.

She had already tried getting a mountain bike but that was stolen after 3 weeks, despite it being secured in a bike locker outside the building. So she had to go back to public transport again.

The thing that prompted her to start looking for alternatives was around mid-February when the Covid-19 virus started getting more serious in the UK. Tanisha had already seen many different electric scooters going to and fro around her district so started looking into prices and specifications. After a short while she settled on the Xiaomi M365 Pro.

Her choice was based on the fact that there were a few inclines on her route so wanted the power to get up them with ease. She also wanted to ensure that it had a good range so she could use it for pure fun when she wasn’t using it to commute.

After a bit of Googling she came across the Electra-Zoom website, which had the best price she could find with a 2 year UK warranty.

Tanisha has been using it daily since her purchase, including the rainy days, which she said were a bit of a drag but she mentioned she avoided the larger puddles and slippery drain covers, and wiped her M365 Pro down with a towel when she reached each destination and it has been fine. That and we understand she has reduced her journey down to 35 to 40 mins each way giving her more free time.

She can also fold it down and take it into the building rather than having it locked up outside, so has stopped any chance of it being stolen like her mountain bike was.

Tanisha is now classed as a front line key worker which makes it essential that she remains free of the virus. Her job entails looking after the elderly and frail who are now are on lockdown like the rest of the nation. So staying away from potentially contagious public transport systems is a must at this moment in time.

Tanisha still hasn’t had the time to use it for pure fun yet, but she did say that she found her commute a lot more enjoyable than it has ever been thanks to her M365 Pro electric scooter.

We send all front line staff and keyworkers our best wishes and thank you for all the hard work you are doing during these uncertain times.

If you have an experience you would like to share with our audience then please feel free to get in touch with us here at Electra-Zoom Electric Scooters and we will get back to you and cover your story here on our blog.