How to Use E-scooter Tyre Slime Puncture Sealant with the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

This blog goes through the process you will need to follow in order to repair any minor punctures that may occur with the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter.

In an ideal world you will never suffer a puncture with your M365, however in reality they are likely to occur at some point with the standard M365 as the tyres are air filled. This is not the case with the Xiaomi M365 Pro as they have foam filled tyres and are therefore puncture proof.

So if you suffer a puncture with your Xiaomi M365 e-scooter then you have two options. The first is tricky and that is to replace the tyre with one of the spares that came with it in the box. This is quite a tough procedure and it is something we will cover in a future blog.

The second and far simpler option is to use a tubeless sealant such as Slime or Stan’s to plug the puncture hole and get you back on the road immediately.

How to Use Slime in the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Tyres

Slime is a brand name and they have two key sealant based products. One of them is for tyres that have inner tubes and the other, the one we want, is specifically for tubeless tyres like the ones on the M365 standard electric scooter.

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter Schrader valve core imageThe 8.5 inch tyres on the Xiaomi M365 are obviously far smaller than the tyres on an MTB, motor bike or car so you will only need 2oz or 56.82ml. So for this example let’s call it 57ml to repair one tyre or 114ml which is enough for both front and back. It comes in 473ml bottles so you will plenty left over for future repairs.If you are using Slime itself the cap lid features a built in small plastic tool you will need to remove the Schrader valve core. You can, however, can get the tool from most bike shops such as Halfords or another bike shop. They are called Schrader valve removal tools if you need to look it up, or you snap the plastic one in the lid.

Step One in Repairing your Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Tyre

You take the bottle of Slime and remove the black plastic cap.

Using the inside of the cap you take the Schrader valve core removal tool and unscrew the valve core until it is completely removed.

You then attach the clear plastic tube that should have come attached to the side of the bottle of Slime Tubeless Repair Sealant and then attach it to the top of the Slime sealant bottle.

You attach the other end to the valve on the Xiaomi m365 tyre and whilst holding the bottle upside down and above the tyre, you squeeze in approximately 55ml to 57ml (2oz) maximum.

Then simply replace the valve core again using the lid of the slime bottle tool making sure it is screwed nice and tight.

Then spin the tyre to ensure the slime is evenly distributed around the tyre and not just pooling in the base of the scooter tyre.

Final Stage in Repairing your Xiaomi M365 Tyre Puncture

The final stage is to re-inflate the electric scooter tyre to the required 50psi as stated on the side wall of the scooter giving it another spin to, for a second time, ensure the Slime is evenly spread through the inside of the tyre.  

From this point you should be good to go. There is no waiting time, as the Slime brand states clearly that their technology forces uses the escaping air to push the sealant into the puncture or tear, sealing it as it goes. This is due to the non-flammable, non-toxic, FibroSeal technology.

Whilst the sealant is in the tyre it remains in a liquid form and will therefore seal any further puncture you may encounter. It is claimed the Slime will last for up to 2 years before having to replace it.

Replacing the tyre Slime is also reported to be fairly simple, although perhaps a little messy. Because it is water soluble you simply clean the tyre with water and once you have put the tyre back together you repeat the above steps, leaving you with lovely puncture proof air-filled rideable electric scooter tyres.

We genuinely hope you find this post informative should be you find yourself with a puncture or flat tyre on your Xiaomi M365 electric scooter.

As touched upon a little earlier, we will soon be covering how to fully remove the Xiaomi M365 scooter wheels completely, and how to replace the tyre altogether.