How an Electric Scooter makes Race Days and Track Days Easier

We have been looking at our audience and establishing how electric scooters have been making life easier for them. In our latest instalment we have taken a look into those involved in Motorsport and how their electric scooter makes race days and track days easier, and more fun.

On a typical race weekend the first hurdle is of course getting to the track with all your kit in good condition ready to fight for a podium place. However, before any of that can happen you have to negotiate the car park. At some race tracks it’s not too bad and the walk from the car to the pit lane and garages isn’t a marathon, but at other tracks it can be a good distance away.

Then you have a good two, or three bags to carry all that way. Ideally, if you have been clever about it, you will have left as much kit as you can safely locked up with your team’s equipment, but there are always the bits that you have to take on the day.

Once you have made that trek and left your kit safely with your crew, you then head out as early as you can onto the track to complete your track walk. It’s always good to check out any new additions to the course. Have there been any repairs that have changed the way the track feels since your last visit?  Have they replaced the kerbs for any new higher edged kerb stones?

Once you have checked the track it’s off to get signed on. Only then can you head back to your awning or camper to relax a little before the action starts.

Once the first race is underway many people like to head up to the track to watch the opening races. This gives you the opportunity to check out how the other drivers are finding the track as well as to simply watch your favourite sport that you have a love and passion for. Then leaving plenty of time to spare you need to head back to your accommodation to get ready for your race. You get suited up and check that everybody is prepared and most importantly, that your vehicle is ready to be pushed to its limits.

Now the time comes for you all to head up to the pit lane ready to get prepared for the start of the race. Whilst all of this is necessary, by this time you will have walked several miles and used up valuable energy that could have been saved for the race itself.

Imagine if all the walking parts of the day so far had been swapped for using an electric scooter. You can easily see how much energy you would have saved ready for when you really need it. Imagine how much more effort you could put into your racing rather than trekking back and forth from your pitch to the track, and back again.

These pre-race journeys can become so much easier when you hop onto a Xiaomi M365 or an M365 Pro electric scooter and scoot your way around the race venue, as well as encourage you to do more exploring when you think that you have an hour to kill before you need to start getting ready for your race. If you went to the track on foot it would take 20 to 25 minutes each way. That would only leave you with 10 minutes at the track itself but if you have an electric scooter you would be able to get to the track in 6 or 7 minutes each way, so you then have a good 40 to 45 minutes to enjoy the racing.

Electric scooters also become a lifesaver if you have forgotten something and left it in the car in the competitor parking nearly half a mile away.

What’s great is that most electric scooters, especially the Xiaomi range are easy to fold down and park out of the way when they are not being used and when they are being used they provide convenience but also so much fun. You almost start finding excuses to get out on them and explore the venue in ways that you would never have done if you had to walk it all.

Having experienced many track days in the past we wouldn’t head to a track without our electric scooters as part of our essential kit today.

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