Electra-Zoom Electric Scooter Warranty in Detail

In our latest blog we are looking to answer a question we get asked about quite a lot and that is about the warranty that comes with your electric scooter. Below we will detail specifically what is included with your Electra-Zoom warranty and some of what isn’t.

Here at Electra-Zoom, unlike many vendors, we provide a full 2 year UK warranty for our Xiaomi Electric Scooters and a 1 year UK warranty for the Inokim, InMotion and Segway/Ninebot models purchased through us. Again, unlike other resellers, your electric scooter does not need to be sent back to China for repair and we will perform all repairs in the UK.

In some cases we may be able to help you remotely by way of email or a phone call, but in the case of a major manufacturing malfunction or failure, we will deal with it by arranging for your scooter to be sent back to us at no cost to you. You may need to get it to a courier collection point to be sent back to us but that’s all that we will ask you to do.

Please note – your electric scooter will need to be in the original packaging so please keep that in case of emergencies. If you have thrown the original packaging away we can supply you with a replacement box for a small fee.

We then repair the scooter in house here in our UK based premises.

We hold most of the spare parts in the UK and we have an extensive experience in repairing Xiaomi, Inokim, InMotion and Segway/Ninebot scooter products. If we are required to order anything from further afield we will make you aware.

You can easily replace some smaller parts at home, saving you the hassle of sending your scooter away. We can run you through this if you are unsure.

Our warranty cover includes:

  • Warranty for the battery
  • Warranty on vehicle body outside of the areas covered below
  • Warranty for other electronics that are not outlined below

Please note that we only provide a warranty service if your scooter develops a fault through normal use (as per manufacturers manual).

You can access the Official Mi Electric Scooter User’s Manual in PDF format via this link.

If the scooter has been altered in any way or miss-used, this includes the firmware, the warranty is VOID.

This includes what’s called hacking the firmware as this may push the components into working outside of their optimum operating range and causing them to develop a fault that would not otherwise have occurred.

This also includes using non-official apps that update the firmware to unofficial levels.

We are not liable for any repairs which include tyre punctures, disc brakes, kick-stand, lights, reflective stickers, cable damage or any other consumables which would wear out/occur within normal use of the scooter.

Like with any type of vehicle, customer should expect and be responsible to do some minor maintenance from time to time. With our support, this can ensure that you are back scooting quicker than having to wait for us to return your scooter to you.

Please see our ‘Electric Scooter Safety & User Guide’ page for more details on riding and usage.

We hope that helps you understand what the Electra-Zoom warranty covers and how we will help to look after you with your Electra-Zoom electric scooter.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions that are not already covered in this blog.